And So We Drive

Ralph Lauren on His "Cinematic Approach to Dressing"

Can you speak to your cinematic approach to dressing?

Growing up, my friends and I would meet every Saturday at the local movie house. We’d watch our favorite movie heroes on that big screen and when I walked out, I imagined that I was the cowboy on the white horse or whoever that hero was that day. From that time on, movies and storytelling have always been an inspiration.

When I started designing, it was never about just the tie or the shirt or the dress. It was always about the hero or heroine I had in mind. They are the stars of my movies and express what I have to say. I study their character and I create for them and through them. I guess you could say, in some ways, I am the director and the screenwriter. I write through my clothes.

Life as performance art.

by Tyler Carbone