And So We Drive

Motor1: "Ferrari Patents More Efficient V12 Engine"

Chris Bruce, writing for Motor1, last week spotted a new V12 engine design patent by Ferrari.

Ferrari looks toward the future with a newly patented engine design that the company believes would reduce emissions while maintaining performance. The Prancing Horse filed the paperwork on April 24, 2019, but the United States Patent and Trademark Office published it on October 24.

Of course the latest V12 supercar from Ferrari has way more power than you can use on the street, and of course Ferrari will sell so few of them that their combined emissions, regardless of efficiency, will make the smallest of differences.

But it’s patents like this that illustrate the point of engines like these, and the cars they power. Their existence – and the fact that they sell for so much money that the cost of developing new technology like this is justified – helps push the state of technology forward. In that way, supercars are just like motorsport. Whereas motorsport is sponsored by companies and brands looking for exposure, supercars are “sponsored” by wealthy collectors looking to own a piece of art or history.

However unnecessary 800 horsepower may be on the street, the technology development needed for these cars continued existence is both the reason they exist and the benefit of their existence to the rest of motoring. Now, if only we could see more of this kind of engineering excess applied to traits other than power.

by Tyler Carbone