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F-type Successor Possibilities

Autocar today reported that Jaguar is considering electrification and a mid-engine layout for its F-Type replacement, scheduled to debut in three years.

I understand why Jaguar would do it: as Andrew Frankel points out, the brand needs a halo car, and has been trying to escape its “rather elderly image.” A mid-engined successor to the F-Type could check both boxes.

I’d add here that it was to check the same boxes that Chevrolet just decided to go mid-engine with the Corvette, so at least Jaguar will have a case study to follow before it needs to make a decision.


  1. As an aside from talk of mid-engined vs. front-mid-engined, I'd be very surprised if the next-gen car isn't *at least* electrified, if not fully electric
by Tyler Carbone